In November 2014, The Leaky Boob launched a sister site, Our Stable Table, focused on nurturing, nourishing and supporting the whole family in a virtual space for a greater community to gather.


A Seat At Our Table
Physical or mental limitations
Differing political or religious views
Past experiences
Current socio-economic challenges…

All are welcome.

All have a seat at this table.
No qualifiers,
no apologies,
just a desire to nourish and be nourished here.

Our website, features stories, experiences, knowledge, and brings a vibrant sense of humor and warmth to challenging and sensitive topics. We provide practical information like recipes comprised of nutritious, whole foods with adjustments for restrictive budgets and dietary needs. We also offer online resources for families and communities with members who experience special needs.

Our social media builds community through personal interaction and immediate answers to questions from our followers, as well as a public platform to share information and provide support. With an active and growing following on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest, we encourage each other to ask questions, connect with other followers, share personal experiences, and offer layers of support. Sometimes that support looks like a laugh, a shared heartfelt moment, a recipe, an expert FB chat, or a relevant product giveaway.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

More details on sponsorship offerings coming soon!